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Between Civil War and Civil Rights





This ongoing series explores roots of and remedies for what may be America's most powerful and lasting predicament: the racial divide resulting in part from the longest, bloodiest, most successful campaign of domestic terrorism and propaganda in U.S. history. It highlights the historic (and heroic) role of minorities in fighting for democratic values and justice nationwide.

Click here for more about this series, which is part of the Race With History Project.


A Common Path





A documentary and public forum program covering Florida's Peoples, Culture and In/migration. Florida has always beckoned to newcomers, whether entering overseas or overland. From the peoples now known as "Seminoles" to the "snow-birds" and "undocumented immigrants" of today, how has the host-society dealt with incomers?

A Common Path represents Listening Between the Lines first foray into its "document and debate" format.

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Finding a Common Path

A public discussion forum based on the documentary, broadcast live on community radio.

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Listening Between the Lines and its partner corporation, Creative Change Productions support participatory democracy and citizen involvement, through public discussions and dialogues.  We have conducted a number of public forums based on our documentaries. Please contact us at Listening Between The Lines or Race With History to join us in this exciting development, and click here for more information and to hear the forum discussions.

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